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[VIDEO] How to Install Portainer on a VPS using Docker

In this video tutorial, we go over how to install Portainer on a VPS, using Docker. Installation Notes: For those curious, Portainer is a universal container management tool. To learn more, visit: If you are looking for a VPS to deploy Docker containers on, check out our offerings at:

RackNerd, IaaS Provider Introduces AMD Ryzen VPS in San Jose

Upland, CA., May 24, 2021 — RackNerd, a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider has today announced that it has expanded its AMD Ryzen VPS services to the Silicon Valley, within their San Jose datacenter location. Tailored for the high performance market, RackNerd’s AMD Ryzen VPS are powered by Ryzen 3900X processors, delivering an exceptional amount of […]

How to Block and Unlock an IP address with CSF (ConfigServer Firewall)

CSF Stands for Config Server Security and Firewall. With this software, you can control the traffic flowing to your server, prevent DDoS attacks, and track network connections. In short CSF is a sophisticated software firewall, you can check the official documentation on website to more: The below article assumes you already have CSF Firewall […]

How to Fix VNC Error: “Timed out waiting for the response from the host computer”

The following article assumes you already have VNC Server installed on your remote destination (i.e. a remote computer, VPS, or dedicated server). Are you attempting to connect to a server or computer via VNC, but have come across the following error on your VNC Viewer? What causes the above issue? One of the primary causes […]