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Announcing 30 Day Backup Retention Period (on our Shared & Reseller hosting services)

Earlier this year, RackNerd updated all of our Shared & Reseller Hosting servers to JetBackup V5, which comes with a myriad of new features which we will outline in the video below. Additionally, we have some additional enhancements/improvements to announce regarding our backup system! Watch the below YouTube video for an overview of the new […]


如何在VPS或独立服务器上安装宝塔控制面板? 如果您是中国的用户,需要一个免费的控制面板,您可以考虑宝塔 (,这是一个中国公司开发的,针对管理网站和数据库的面板。 现在我们来看看如何安装宝塔吧。在这个教程里,我们使用的是一个RackNerd的虚拟服务器作为示例,在Ubuntu的系统里进行。 第一步:登录您的虚拟服务器 第二步:下载bt.cn控制面板啊,并运行安装 sudo apt-get update -y wget -O && sudo bash 输入 y 然后继续安装: 运行安装脚本后,您可以看到安装过程会在几分钟后完成,如下图展示: 第三步:访问宝塔控制面板 下载您可以在浏览器上输入以下示例网址 (用您的服务器IP代替以下的IP部分) http://IP:8888/ 初始登录信息会在安装完成后显示,如下图显示。 一旦您登录,您就会被提示修改密码和绑定手机号。 恭喜您,下载您已经成功安装好宝塔面板了。如果您需要一台VPS来运行宝塔面板,请考虑RackNerd的虚拟服务器计划哦,购买套餐请点击这里:

AlmaLinux 9 Now Available

The AlmaLinux OS Foundation has today announced general availability of AlmaLinux OS 9. AlmaLinux OS 9.0 is based on upstream kernel version 5.14 and contains enhancements around cloud and container development and improvements to the web console (cockpit). This release also delivers enhancements for security and compliance, including additional security profiles, greatly improved SELinux performance […]