2020 marks a year of a lot of hosting providers ceasing to offer cPanel/WHM based reseller hosting services because of the cPanel price increases (which was of much controversy on the Internet). The price increases enforced by cPanel corporate resulted in price increases of the software licensing, in the tune of 25% to 500% for hosting providers. In essence, previously, you were able to receive a cPanel license which allowed for unlimited account creations on the server for one flat monthly fee. The new structure is billed monthly on a per-account basis. You can quickly see how bad this situation can turn out, for hosting providers who provided unsustainable offers with unlimited accounts.

The result? A lot of providers were forced to entirely switch off cPanel’s platform and moved over to an alternative platform such as DirectAdmin or Interworx, while other providers have significantly raised their prices while continuing to offer cPanel/WHM based services.

Despite the noise, you might still be seeking a cPanel reseller account for the simple fact that end-users prefer the control panel interface they already know and love. So you may ask yourself, today in 2020 – what providers are still providing cPanel/WHM based reseller hosting packages at affordable prices?

RackNerd is a provider that believes in long term sustainability, and is founded by a web hosting industry veteran (related: you can view the DatacenterPost.com interview with RackNerd’s CEO here). This means that every decision that RackNerd makes as a company is for the long-term benefit of our clients in mind.

With that being said, even today in 2020, we have not diverted our shared and reseller hosting offerings to a cheaper/alternative control panel, and are still using the control panel that everyone is well familiar with (and prefers): cPanel/WHM. Our sustainable packages, coupled with the excellent rates we receive upstream given our buying power and size, allow us to pass the savings down to you – delivering some of the best prices that exist today in the marketplace for reseller hosting services.

RackNerd’s Reseller Hosting Packages Powered by cPanel & WHM

As you can see, our prices are already affordable as it is, and we are making the deal even sweeter. Right now, we’re offering a 50% off recurring discount on all reseller hosting packages. Just use the promotion code “50OFF-RESELLER” when ordering. Select your reseller plan here: https://www.racknerd.com/reseller-hosting. All plans are instantly activated after ordering – and our hostname/nameservers are fully whitelabel.

If you have any questions, or if you require a custom reseller package, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team at sales@racknerd.com

Server Hosting Solutions by RackNerd:

Shared Hosting
cPanel Web Hosting in US, Europe, and Asia datacenters
Reseller Hosting
Create your new income stream today with a reseller account
VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Fast and Affordable VPS services - Instantly Deployed
Dedicated Servers
Bare-metal servers, ideal for the performance-demanding use case.

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