CentOS 6 will reach End of Life on November 30th, 2020. End of Life means a product is no longer supported. CentOS will no longer provide security updates or bug fixes for CentOS 6 after this date – therefore, it is critical for you to migrate over to a newer versions of CentOS before the deadline.

RackNerd offers CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 with all of our services (Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers). While our statistics show a very small number of our clients are still running on CentOS 6 based environments, this blog post was created to advise the general public (whether they use our services or not) to ensure that they no longer have servers running on CentOS 6 (and if so, a reminder to formulate a plan to migrate over to a CentOS 7 or CentOS 8 based environment).

CentOS versions have extremely long lifecycles, which is why not many are still running CentOS 6 to this day. For your reference, CentOS 7 won’t reach End of Life until June 2024, and on the other hand, CentOS 8 in May 2029.

While it is not a requirement for CentOS 6 users to migrate, it is highly advised given the explanation above. RackNerd customers are welcome to submit a support ticket if they have any questions or require any assistance in this effort. We have assisted customers in the past with migrating from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7, and even CentOS 6 to CentOS 8 – please feel free to contact us and we will tailor an action plan based upon your situation.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions (or comments to add regarding this topic)!

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