Looking for a top alternative (alternative to the “top” command on Linux systems)? Looking to troubleshoot high load on your Linux server? If you are looking for an alternative and user-friendly tool to monitor your Linux server resources, then BpyTop is for you. In this blog post, we will go over how to install and use BpyTop on your Linux systems which will provide you with great and detailed insights over your server environment.

Before we get into the installation, let’s outline some of the cool features of BpyTop!

Features of BpyTop:

• Interactive and beautiful interface
• Fast and very responsive user interface with process selection using UP and Down Keys, as this tool has mouse and keyboard support, which makes it very unique compared to other monitoring tools that you might have come across
• You can send various signals like SIGTERM, SIGINT, SIGKILL to a selected process
• The most important feature of this tool is auto-scaling graph to monitor network usage, read and write speeds of disks of your server

Installing BpyTop on your Linux Server:

First and foremost, import to install this tool is have Python latest version. If your server is already setup with Python and pip you can ignore this step

Install Python


sudo apt install python3


sudo yum install python3

Install Pip-Python Package Manager:


sudo apt install python3-pip


sudo yum install python3-pip

Install bpytop:

Now, that we have all the dependencies required for installing bpytop, we can proceed with installation:

sudo pip3 install bpytop

Launch BpyTop:


Once you launch BpyTop, you will see a very interactive user interface as below with real-time data of the processes and status of your server:

We hope that you found this tutorial of BpyTop to be useful! The next time you’re looking to monitor the status and processes of your server, consider using BpyTop!

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