How to Setup Free SSL Certificate on a VPS (using Let’s Encrypt)

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Looking for a Free SSL Certificate? Or are you looking to install a free SSL on your VPS? Let’s Encrypt is one of leading free SSL certificate providers for enabling secure encrypted service for your websites. The process for enabling SSL using Let’s Encrypt is very simple and easy process.

In today’s blog, we are going to see and follow some of the simple steps for enabling SSL for your websites for free in just few steps.

Step 1: Install Certbot Client

Login to your VPS server via your favorite SSH client such as PuTTY. In this tutorial we will be using a VPS running AlmaLinux OS (which is a RHEL fork similar to CentOS).

Before obtaining SSL from Let’s Encrypt, first you need to have Certbot Client installed on your System, as this not available by default in your VPS. Installing Certbot is very simple, you can run below command.

Adding Repo package:

yum install epel-release

Installing Certbot client:

yum install certbot python3-certbot-apache mod_ssl

After running certbot client you will be asked verify authenticity of package that’s is being installed. To ensure that installation of certbot is without any error, you need to accept the key that your importing whenever you are prompted.

Step 2: Request the SSL certificate for your domain

Now we have installed the Certbot client, the next step is to request the SSL certificate for your domains, subdomains.

Here we will be seeing how to request certificate for single domain

sudo certbot –apache -d yourdomain(

In above case, I’m using the test domain created for testing for purpose.

sudo certbot –apache -d

In case, if you have multiple domains, you can follow the same command, all you to add is extra -d flag whenever your adding in extra domain.

sudo certbot –apache -d domainname -d www.domainname -d subdomain

Finally, you can see SSL has been configured on your website and you can check via

If you have any questions regarding setting up free SSL by using Lets Encrypt please be sure to let us know.

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