How to Install network-scripts on AlmaLinux 9, RockyLinux 9, and CentOS Stream 9

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Wondering how to install network-scripts on AlmaLinux 9? Or how to install network-scripts on RockyLinux 9, or CentOS Stream 9?

Getting an error when attempting to install network-scripts via yum or dnf?

This is because the ‘network-scripts’ package has been deprecated in newer versions of RHEL and is no longer included by default. This means that if you are running AlmaLinux 9, RockyLinux 9, or CentOS Stream 9, you will not be able to install network-scripts using the “dnf” package manager, as the package is not available in the default package repositories.

There are alternative methods that you can use to manage network settings on RHEL9. One option is to use the “nmcli” command-line utility which is part of NetworkManager – which is included by default and allows you to manage network settings from the command line.

However, if you absolutely must utilize the deprecated network-scripts package and cannot make use of NetworkManager, in this tutorial we will show you how to install and enable network-scripts on RHEL9 and its variants (i.e. AlmaLinux 9, RockyLinux 9, CentOS Stream 9) in two easy steps:

1. Install dependencies of networkscripts package:

yum install initscripts-10.11.4-1.el9 ipcalc bc

2. Install the package:

rpm -ivh

From there you will now see that network-scripts is available/installed on your server, and you can configure your network-scripts files within the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts folder accordingly. You will also now be able to utilize the: service network restart command in order to apply your changes.

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