Feature Spotlight: How RackNerd Can Save You on Email Costs

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In this blog post we will be putting on the spotlight a feature of RackNerd’s shared & reseller hosting platform that is often overlooked – because it simply works so well that you generally don’t have to even think about it. This feature can save you dozens of dollars per month in email hosting costs and allows you to have your hosting + email all under one roof.

The beauty of this feature is that it is included at no additional charge with RackNerd’s shared & reseller hosting services, which is our premium email delivery feature powered by MailChannels! More technical and in-depth details about how this feature works can be found on the blog post here.

Traditionally, email can become a complicated topic to handle, because of the fact that every email service provider operates and accepts incoming email differently. Often times, businesses will opt for third party email hosting services such as Google Workspace or Zoho, which can result to dozens of dollars per month in costs depending on how many email inboxes that you have. While there are certainly other benefits with utilizing a service such as Google Workspace, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles and just want your email to work, you can consider utilizing RackNerd’s shared hosting services. RackNerd’s Shared Hosting is powered by the easy to use cPanel control panel.

With RackNerd’s shared and reseller hosting services, you can create unlimited e-mail accounts from within the cPanel control panel at no additional charge, and by default premium email delivery is enabled which leverages our hybrid MailChannels set up for handling outbound mail. Instead of paying multiple vendors for handling both website hosting and email hosting, you can get it all under one plan from RackNerd, which will also save you some money along the way.

MailChannels is a time-trusted service that specializes specifically in making sure e-mails reach the inbox, with a proven track record to increase email success. Since we are leveraging MailChannels on a hybrid basis to ensure high email delivery rates, this means more emails will reach the Inbox successfully. For reseller hosting customers, this also applies to all cPanel accounts including your sub-users, giving you as a reseller yet another feature to advertise to help increase your sales and value delivery to your end-users.

RackNerd shared hosting customers can create and manage email accounts with ease from within the included cPanel control panel. Please see below screenshot:

From within the “Email Accounts” interface in the cPanel control panel, you can create new email accounts, manage existing emails, or connect devices to the email account. You can also manage quota/storage allotments per email.

You can deploy a cPanel shared hosting account with RackNerd here (all plans include the ability to create unlimited email accounts): https://www.racknerd.com/shared-hosting

Reseller Hosting Plans powered by cPanel/WHM are also available here: https://www.racknerd.com/reseller-hosting

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