Introducing MailChannels Email Delivery for Shared/Reseller Hosting Clients

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Happy New Year, everyone! New Year… new features! As part of our ongoing efforts to introduce infrastructure stability – today, we are increasing our value delivery to all of our existing and new shared/reseller hosting customers, all at no additional charge. RackNerd is pleased to announce that all shared/reseller hosting servers are now leveraging MailChannels to increase email delivery success rates!

What does this mean to you? Traditionally, email can become a complicated topic to handle, because of the fact that every email service provider operates and accepts incoming email differently. MailChannels is a time-trusted service that specializes specifically in making sure e-mails reach the inbox, with a proven track record to increase email success. Now that we are leveraging MailChannels to ensure high email delivery rates, this means more emails will reach the Inbox successfully.

For reseller hosting customers, this also applies to all cPanel accounts including your sub-users, giving you as a reseller yet another feature to advertise to help increase your sales and value delivery to your end-users.

Additional Information:

For our shared/reseller hosting product line, RackNerd includes a third party email relay service (currently leveraging MailChannels) at no additional charge, this is done to improve email delivery rates to specific email services. RackNerd does not guarantee that each and every outbound email will be delivered via MailChannels – instead, this is a hybrid solution where outbound mails will be routed through MailChannels if and as needed. RackNerd staff reserves the right to determine which email services are to be routed through MailChannels for outbound mail delivery – by default, the more common email services are already routed through MailChannels to ensure high email delivery success rates for our shared/reseller hosting customers. If there are any particular email services you’d like routed through MailChannels, please open a support ticket for consideration. Additionally, RackNerd reserves the right to change its third party email relay service in the future if RackNerd sees any customer-benefit to switching away from the current third party service.

This is already activated across all shared/reseller hosting servers. No action is required from your end in order to start using this new feature.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. RackNerd’s support personnel are available 24 hours per day to assist you.

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