cPanel/WHM recently announced that their hosting control panel software is now compatible with Ubuntu Operating System! This comes as a response to the recent changes with CentOS 8 and its EOL cycle.

While cPanel/WHM will still be compatible with AlmaLinux 8, CentOS 7, and CloudLinux 7/8 – it is certainly great to see that additional OS options are now supported with the software. By supporting multiple Linux distributions from different OS vendors, any unexpected end-of-life announcements from third parties (such as the abrupt one announced by CentOS 8) in the future will no longer be as impactful for hosting providers and server administrators.

Ubuntu continues to grow in popularity as one of the most popular Linux distributions and includes over 30,000 open-source packages such as Python, Ruby, Go, Java, Apache, Nginx, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, and more.

RackNerd will continue to run its cPanel shared and reseller hosting servers on CloudLinux OS for optimal performance. However, for other types of non-multi tenant environments, running cPanel/WHM on Ubuntu could be beneficial.

If you are looking to obtain a cPanel license for your RackNerd VPS or Dedicated Server, please feel free to contact and we can provide discounted cPanel pricing for you, as RackNerd is an official cPanel NOC Partner.

The installation guide and system requirements for installing cPanel on Ubuntu can be found here.

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