By: Dave Cooper, RackNerd

COVID-19 has hit most businesses like a ton of bricks, and others not so much – but until today the thought about working remotely hasn’t been in most business’s priorities or considerations. Why? The fear of low productivity from your employees, the feeling of losing control, and most of all its all very new to most business owners.

Without a doubt, this season has seen many businesses thrive and fail and what business thought they were prepared for in reality the cracks showed.

While many businesses are dialing back their outgoings rattled by COVID-19, this is the very time to invest in the future of your business. It’s clear, remote working has to be integrated with your work-life in this day and age that we live in. Don’t get me wrong — team collaboration and socializing is very important for team morale but so is family. A business that understands their workers in return will reap productivity, you just have to search the web to see hundreds of success stories.

At RackNerd, we see a growing number of businesses not knowing where to turn to or how to implement a work from home strategy. This includes being able to easily store data securely, access it from wherever they are in the world, run cost-effective remote desktop environments, and more.

The internet is a powerful tool for businesses and we’re the best at providing customized, managed hosting solutions for your business needs, to ensure your business remains online, and that your employees are empowered with the tools they require in order to stay productive.

Please feel free to contact our sales team at: for a free consultation. We provide managed solutions that can be customized based on your requirements.

Server Hosting Solutions by RackNerd:

Shared Hosting
cPanel Web Hosting in US, Europe, and Asia datacenters
Reseller Hosting
Create your new income stream today with a reseller account
VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Fast and Affordable VPS services - Instantly Deployed
Dedicated Servers
Bare-metal servers, ideal for the performance-demanding use case.

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