Here in this tutorial, we will show you the best method on how to install the cPanel /WHM on your dedicated server or VPS.

Basic Requirements for Installation

  • A Linux VPS/dedicated server with CentOS 7 installed
  • A cPanel license (or you can opt to utilize the 15 day free trial)

Here are the steps that you need to be following one by one.

STEP #1: Login into your VPS server via any SSH client. For example, PuTTY. In this video tutorial, we also go over in depth on how to connect to your server via SSH.

STEP #2: Run the following commands one by one on the SSH prompt:

yum update
yum install perl
hostnamectl set-hostname
service NetworkManager stop
chkconfig NetworkManager off
setenforce 0
sed -i ‘s/enforcing/disabled/g’ /etc/selinux/config
cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

Once the above commands have been executed on your server, the cPanel installation will start and complete automatically. The process normally takes around 15 minutes.

Finally reboot the server running below command


URL to login to the admin panel of cPanel / WHM: https://serverIP:2087

The username/password to login to your WHM is the root or username that you used to login your VPS. Password to login is the password of your VPS server.

Note: cPanel trial license is valid only 15 days. To continue utilizing cPanel/WHM beyond the 15 day trial you will need to purchase a cPanel license.

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