Having SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on your website is essential for ensuring security against attackers. When SSL is correctly implemented, you will see a green lock symbol in the browser address bar. However, there are instances where you may encounter a mixed content issue with SSL. This occurs when some resources on your website, such as images, videos, or stylesheets, are loaded over an insecure (HTTP) connection while the initial website resources are loaded over a secure (HTTPS) connection. As a result, the green lock will be displayed, but with a broken symbol, indicating mixed content over SSL.

How to Fix SSL Mixed Content Issue on a Website

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fix the SSL mixed content issue on your website by making a few modifications to your WP website’s .htaccess file. The .htaccess file is a powerful configuration file that allows you to control various aspects of your website’s behavior.

Step 1: Accessing the .htaccess File

To get started, you need to locate and access the .htaccess file for your WordPress website. This file is typically located in the root directory of your website. You can access it using an FTP client or through the file manager provided by your hosting provider.

Step 2: Modifying the .htaccess File

Once you have located and accessed the .htaccess file, open it using a text editor. Add the following code snippet to the file:

Header always set Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests

This code sets the Content-Security-Policy header to upgrade-insecure-requests, which instructs the web browser to update any insecure HTTP requests and load them using HTTPS instead.

Save the changes to the .htaccess file and close it.

Step 3: Testing the SSL Mixed Content Fix

After adding the code to the .htaccess file, it’s time to test if the SSL mixed content issue has been resolved. Open your website in a browser and check the SSL status for all the links and resources on your website.

To do this, simply navigate through your website and pay attention to the browser address bar. If the SSL mixed content issue has been successfully fixed, you should see the green lock symbol without any warning or broken symbol.


By adding a few lines of code to your .htaccess file, you can easily fix the SSL mixed content issue on your website. The Content-Security-Policy header with the upgrade-insecure-requests directive ensures that all resources are loaded over a secure connection, providing a seamless and secure browsing experience for your users.

How to Fix SSL Mixed Content Issue on a Website

Remember to always keep your website up to date and perform regular security checks to maintain a secure online presence.

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