Announcing 30 Day Backup Retention Period (on our Shared & Reseller hosting services)

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Earlier this year, RackNerd updated all of our Shared & Reseller Hosting servers to JetBackup V5, which comes with a myriad of new features which we will outline in the video below. Additionally, we have some additional enhancements/improvements to announce regarding our backup system! Watch the below YouTube video for an overview of the new features:

We are pleased to announce that our free daily backups, included with our Shared and Reseller hosting services, now include 30-day backup retentions at no additional charge (previously, 5 days retention period).

These provide numerous benefits that our shared and reseller hosting customers will immediately benefit from, such as:

• Now running on JetBackup V5 — clients can now individually restore files, databases, ability to manage your customer’s backups as a reseller, AND MORE! We don’t just claim to have backups, customers actually have full access, visibility, and control over their backups via the JetBackup V5 interface! We care about our customer’s continued success, which is why we invest resources in business continuity features such as this one.

• Our FREE daily offsite backups powered by JetBackup V5 are now integrated with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage at no additional charge — this means faster downloads, faster restores, and additional redundancy!

• If you accidentally delete a file and realize days/weeks later that you need to restore the file from a previous date

• If you are a reseller or web designer and need to retrieve specific versions of files from a previous date

• Additional peace of mind knowing you have multiple snapshots & versions of your websites/files

… all at no additional charge to our customers!

These features extend beyond just files as well, the same concept is applicable to e-mails, databases, and more. For example, if you accidentally delete an e-mail and need to restore your e-mail account from a previous date, you will be able to from within the JetBackup V5 interface.

Not yet a RackNerd customer? Looking for shared hosting with daily backups, or reseller hosting with JetBackup? Take a look at our Shared & Reseller Hosting specials below:



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