By: Dave Cooper, RackNerd

Following on from our last article “Finding The Best Hosting Provider” brings us to which hosting product is right for your needs.

This article is geared towards those who are new to the hosting world and just want reliable information, Here at RackNerd we offer a range of hosting services with no bull we genuinely want you to succeed. Be sure to contact us via chat if you have any questions at all 🙂

Let’s dive into the main types of hosting:

1. Shared / Reseller Hosting

Shared hosting is where a physical server hosts multiple sites hence the name ‘Shared’

This is a cost-effective way to get your website online at a low price point as you’re sharing the resources of the server with multiple other sites. Shared hosting is a great option if you run a small WordPress blog, personal website, or small-medium sized business. A reseller hosting plan is a step up from shared hosting – in essence it allows you to create shared web hosting accounts underneath your reseller.

View Shared Hosting Plans here:
View Reseller Hosting Plans here:


KVM stands for Kernel-Based Virtual Machine. These virtual machines are run on a physical server like shared hosting however you are allocated resources and have the total freedom of installing any Linux or Windows operating system you wish. 

Whether you have outgrown your Shared Hosting or you want to guarantee your visitors or development project the love it deserves  KVM VPS is the way to go and it’s still cost-effective as opposed to dedicated servers (We’ll get to that shortly). The beauty of RackNerd’s KVM VPS is they can be scaled on-demand, if you need more drive space or RAM in the future — no worries, just log a support ticket and we’ll assist you with the upgrade process.

KVM VPS’s are recommended for users that are a bit more advanced in server configuration but that does not mean you can try it out and learn a thing or two. We have some great deals on VPS check them out here.

View KVM VPS plans here:
View DDoS Protected KVM VPS plans here:

3. Hybrid Dedicated Servers

A hybrid server is a new type of dedicated server that combines the power you’d typically expect with a traditional dedicated server, along with the flexibility of cloud computing features. With hybrid dedicated servers, you still receive 100% of the allocated resources (fully dedicated resources), yet the price is lower than traditional dedicated servers, plus you take advantage of cloud computing features including but not limited to: instant activation, automatic OS reinstallation’s, scale up at any time, control panel with reboot, stop, boot, vnc, rescue, power off, logs and additional features.

With RackNerd hybrid dedicated servers, enjoy instantly setup servers in our Los Angeles datacenter with fully dedicated resources! Now including Asia Optimized bandwidth standard.

View RackNerd’s Hybrid Dedicated Server plans here:

4. Dedicated Servers

It’s all in the name! When you order a dedicated server that is exactly what you’re getting. This is a physical server in a datacenter and you get to do whatever you wish with it — you have access to the entire resources the physical machine has.

You may be wondering why use a dedicated server when you have KVM Virtual machines right? Well, there is a difference. Even though YOU’RE allocated resources you’re still sharing the CPU, Disk I/O, and network port on a NODE with other virtual machines. With Dedicated servers, you get to choose what hardware it is made up of, and sometimes this is important to a business or individual. You can even create virtual machines within your dedicated server, allocate what resources you wish them to have, set up a private cloud, and more.

If you are looking for fully dedicated resources that are not shared with anyone, or own a growing/busy website – a dedicated server is definitely something to consider.

View Dedicated Server plans here:

Here at RackNerd – no question is a dumb question our friendly staff is standing by ready and waiting to help you with whatever your hosting needs are – so please get in contact with us either by phone or via chat!

Server Hosting Solutions by RackNerd:

Shared Hosting
cPanel Web Hosting in US, Europe, and Asia datacenters
Reseller Hosting
Create your new income stream today with a reseller account
VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Fast and Affordable VPS services - Instantly Deployed
Dedicated Servers
Bare-metal servers, ideal for the performance-demanding use case.

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