What is Shared Hosting? Best Shared Hosting (2020 Updated)

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Shared hosting plays an essential role when it comes to hosting websites. That is the reason many small businesses choose shared hosting due to its reliability. Besides, it’s ideal for those who don’t know how to start a business and develop a website. But the question arises how to choose the best shared hosting in 2020?

When the time comes for deciding what is the ideal hosting for you, believe me, you are going to have a ton of options, but choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Beyond deciding which hosting is ideal, you also have to decide which package suits you the best.  

Don’t worry because we’ve got your back. Here is everything you need to know about shared web hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting helps you to run multiple websites on a single server. Usually, you’ll get a cPanel account from where you can keep a track on your websites which you have hosted. Keep in mind that your hosting provider will define a limit, according to which you can host your website. It will depend on the package you are choosing.

 Shared hosting is known as the most economical process for beginners.  However, keep in mind that it comes with some limitations as well. In addition, you’ll get the same packages from different companies, but which one to choose is the toughest decision.

What to consider while choosing the best-shared hosting?

In order to choose a web host, there are many factors that you should keep in mind. The most important factors include performance, security, price, reliability, speed, and functionality. Undoubtedly, each of them plays a crucial part in your site performance and success.

Furthermore, you’ll find numerous companies that will claim the same features, such as unlimited space, 24/7 customer support, free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth, fast speed, and many more. But in order to choose the ideal hosting provider, here are some factors that you should keep in mind. 

  • #1: Make sure it’s providing you the reliable hosting with cPanel and daily backups
  • #2: Must have LiteSpeed webserver.
  • #3: The hosting must-have free SSL certificates, which ensure better security.
  • #4: It should offer a softaculous one-click installation.
  • #5: It should offer CloudLinux features.

So, if you are planning to choose shared hosting, then make sure it offers the things I have mentioned above.

RackNerd- The Best Shared Hosting Provider

RackNerd provides shared hosting, which comprises with the cPanel control panel at affordable prices. Free migration is included, if you are already hosting your website(s) elsewhere.

Below are the complete details about packages and things which it offers.  

  • SSD Disk Space: You will get storage space powered by SSD’s
  • Monthly Transfer: A healthy amount of bandwidth is included
  • LiteSpeed Web Server: Shared hosting servers are powered by LiteSpeed Web Server for extremely fast load times
  • CloudLinux: For better performance and user isolation, shared hosting servers are powered by CloudLinux.
  • Backups: Free daily backups are included with every shared hosting plan.
  • Dashboard: It comprises a straightforward dashboard with a fast and easy to use control panel. (cPanel)
  • DDoS Protection: Our servers are DDoS protected, ensuring you stay online even if someone tries to attack your website.
  • Price: The price is really affordable. Starting at just $5.59/month

To view all of RackNerd’s shared hosting plans, click here. You can choose the package according to your requirement.  Need help selecting a package? Feel free to reach out to our experts at: sales@racknerd.com

Server Hosting Solutions by RackNerd:

Shared Hosting
cPanel Web Hosting in US, Europe, and Asia datacenters
Reseller Hosting
Create your new income stream today with a reseller account
VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Fast and Affordable VPS services - Instantly Deployed
Dedicated Servers
Bare-metal servers, ideal for the performance-demanding use case.

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