Often times when searching for a new hosting provider, consumers are looking for real reviews, because they matter. These reviews help the decision process, it helps simplify whether that provider is a good fit, or whether the consumer should move onto the next best fit provider. Consumers don’t care about price, as much as they do service. Service is everything, if service is reliable and a company truly cares about the support being provided to end-users, these companies can prosper. RackNerd’s focus has been customer service, and Introducing Infrastructure Stability! RackNerd’s reputation is solid, reputable and one you can trust! Don’t just take our word for it, look below.

Thought Lab: Purchased a 2GB RAM VPS here last month – I’ve since purposed it as a personal Plex server. Network latency is one of the best I’ve seen in a server host and the streaming/buffering never lags. Their customer service is fast, even on weekends. I’d like to publicly acknowledge Anthony and Cody for being patient with me and answering my questions/tickets. For anyone looking for a server host, I would not hesitate in recommending Racknerd.

Adrian Singh: I ordered a E3-1241 v3 dedicated server. Background: I am a BI developer, so instant disk I/O and single threaded processor performance is highly important to my success. I’m saving $70 per month compared to my previous host, and I’m getting a larger SSD here than I was at my old hosting company. Cost savings, while getting increased resources — I’m a happy camper.

Eru Zhang: Great customer support: quick, straightforward responses. Also, their prices are extremely competitive compared to other server hosting providers.

Chase: Racknerd’s support is really attentive and quick! The VPS does what it’s intended to do (not to mention for a great price) – uptime has been 100% with no issues. If your in the market for a VPS def check them out.

Nicholas: Ordered a “LEB NEW YEAR – 2.5GB KVM Flash Sale” after speaking to a agent on live chat. Good support/response times so far. FYI: they include DDoS protection by default too, it wasn’t mentioned on the post here so I just wanted to let everyone know about that too thats an extra plus.

Dmitry G: First impressions —

– Support is fast even at late night hours. 11 minute and 7 minute ticket response time (respectively across two different inquiries and questions I had).

– Network performance is excellent (almost reaching the full 1GBPS)

– SSH console is responsive and immediate.

Thanks for the share/find!

Brian J: Just picked up the VPS special they still have running. I can’t say much it seem everyone covered everything, pros/cons & pretty spot on! So far it’s been a great deal, support is amazingly quick! setup was not even the 10 minutes that they ask for in your welcome email; the VPS was up before I could even save the info and type ssh.

The price you cannot beat, a lot of $5 deals out there but nothing like RN so far… Can’t speak at uptime as it’s only been around 5 hours since it was spun up. So far so good though
the 2.5GB of RAM isn’t too bad yet, there’s always swap and the arrays not slow for sure! CPU’s 3x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 v3 @ 2.60GHZ

Speed isn’t bad seems as advertised I haven’t tried to saturate it yey.

The space I saw someone mentioned as a con, compared to most I’d say it’s average. I personally do not need a lot, of course it would be nice but as long as I can am able to mount external drives I am good.
9.3E 641G 9.3E 1% /mnt/vol1

Overall a good deal! I’d buy a couple..

mrjohn: crazy fast amazing service and support like instant,
Good speed, bought 2 KVM
high recommend for BF, CYber, Christmas.
Hostbrz shutdown , and i found RackNerd better than

Lars: Ordered one, installed with ubuntu quickly. Happy black friday 😀

Winston: I got one of their deals and very impressed with how quick their support responds. I hope they got consistency because if they do, they will get more happy customers.

Tackle: This deal is very good. you got your VM instantly after payment. Disk speed is good. OS boot within 10 secs (Centos 7)
BTW, there is centos 8 available!

S B: These guys have the quickest support ever. I’m on the other side of the planet and someone got back to me within the hour. Mad props.

Sinan: 工作人员都非常的尽责,有问题都及时给我解决了,有些疑问我也不太懂,他们都能够给我解答,非常地棒!最重要的是,主机速度也非常快,无论是主机体验还是服务体验都很令人满意,在众多主机商当中,算是少有的可以提供即时沟通的几家了,屈指可数。希望有更多的机房和线路推出,让用户有更多的选择。

Antidote: Nice KVM offers 🙂 Bought one and it was instantly set up. Server seems pretty quick to install stuff but I’ve only had time to install a LAMP stack on it so far…. so that’s about all I have to say for now. Looking forward to it!

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