RackNerd is pleased to announce that we have officially partnered with DirectAdmin and Softaculous — starting today, customers who utilize either of these software platforms can optionally choose to obtain their licenses at a discounted rate through RackNerd – this way, you also have everything under just one bill/provider for your convenience (and don’t have to worry about paying multiple vendors for your server, and software licenses).

What is DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel (and one of the original and first web hosting control panels to be released – still actively being maintained and developed to this day).

RackNerd is now providing DirectAdmin VPS licenses (with unlimited domains) for just $9/month.

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is an auto script installer for cPanel and DirectAdmin. Softaculous is one of the leading and most maintained script installers, as it contains a variety of 451 scripts (which is constantly kept updated). Softaculous is commonly used in combination with a web hosting control panel as it makes installing commonly used web scripts (such as WordPress, Joomla, and so much more) easy to install without any technical knowledge required.

RackNerd is now providing Softaculous VPS licenses for just $2.99/month.

Either of these addons can be selected within our ordering form. For existing clients who would like to add any of these software licenses to their existing services with us, please feel free to contact our sales department for further assistance.

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cPanel Web Hosting in US, Europe, and Asia datacenters
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Create your new income stream today with a reseller account
VPS (Virtual Private Server)
Fast and Affordable VPS services - Instantly Deployed
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Bare-metal servers, ideal for the performance-demanding use case.

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