By: Dave Cooper, RackNerd

Back in June, our CEO wrote a blog post here – going over 5 tips on how to succeed in these “new normal” times. I wanted to share my own thoughts and feelings surrounding COVID-19 in this post.

Fast forward to August 2020, we are still constantly hearing about COVID-19, I never thought in my lifetime I would experience a pandemic as large scale as this.

Every day we’re bombarded with news reports on how many active cases vs deaths around the world, I don’t know about you, but I do find constant reminders every day causes people to panic, feel anxious and unsure where to turn. Last week my city Auckland, New Zealand went into lockdown again with the news of a few new cases and my honest thought was, ‘Oh no here we go again’ After 100 days of living a much less restricted life due to no COVID cases I was a feeling frustrated knowing we were going back into lockdown.

Fast forward 5 days I was in desperate need of some exercise so I went for a walk and found many others also doing the same, one thing I noticed this time around was the calmness on people’s faces, and the feeling of meh, we’ve been here before it’s not so bad. This was such a change from the first lockdown where there were so many scare tactics issued by the government.

With many people living a relatively normal life I feel the time has come where people are just getting on with their lives, the more the media tells you how many deaths there are and to stay safe is now getting old. We know!

I’m not saying forget about Covid-19 but what I’m saying if you don’t try and move on you will drive yourself insane if you believe everything the news says. Your judgment is the right judgment, Yes, we have Covid-19 risk out there but to conquer this virus we just have to be smart, wash our hands, cover our mouth when we cough and just focus on the good things like spending time with family, friends.

This post is certainly not to ruffle feathers but just to serve as a reminder that we will get through it, it’s not the end of the world, don’t believe everything the media says, and use your judgment the best way you know how.

One thing this pandemic has taught me is to love one another, enjoy the little things in life, be smart when listening to media, make your own assessment and go for a walk ;).

I would love to hear your thoughts, and what you’re doing during these unique times in the comments section down below!


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