KVM Ryzen NVMe SSD VPS by RackNerd Now Available in New York

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As many know, RackNerd currently offers AMD RYZEN KVM VPS in Los Angeles. We’ve deployed many Ryzen VPS’s in Los Angeles already, and our design has proven to offer generous resources, and awesome performance. Performance was a heavy emphasis when designing our Ryzen-based platform. As an illustrative example – we’ve even had some users tell us that their Ryzen-powered VPS with us with just 1 core outperforms their VPS with another host that had 4 Intel Xeon Cores! This is thanks to our platform leveraging the unmatched performance of AMD Ryzen and Enterprise NVMe SSD drives.

New York was our second choice of deployment for this product line, based on market demand and the excellent latency it offers to the east coast and Europe. We are pleased to announce our BRAND NEW AMD Ryzen 3900X VPS’s with NVMe Storage in New York. Our commitment towards expansion is clear, we continue to grow and prosper. This wouldn’t be possible without you, thank you for supporting RackNerd.

We will be expanding our Ryzen product line around the globe. We’ve committed to over 6 figures worth of hardware on our initial order, and this is just to initiate the launch! More exciting announcements to be announced.

We are ultra competitive in the marketplace, considering the resources and pricing. If you are looking for AMD Ryzen or AMD EPYC dedicated servers, we can also customize a solution for you and have a variety of different configurations in stock. Just get in touch with our sales team at: sales@racknerd.com to discuss your requirements.

A looking glass for our New York location can be found here, for those looking for test IP’s and files.

You can take a look at our New York Ryzen Linux VPS specials by clicking HERE

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