How to Enable Microphone and Sound on Remote Desktop?

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Remote Desktop Protocol, widely known as RDP, is being used to connect to any remote windows system. To connect to any remote system, you need any remote desktop applications that will then use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for connection. Let’s learn how to enable microphone and sound on a remote desktop!

1. First, open the Remote Desktop application. In windows, it is “Remote Desktop Connection” or “mstsc.exe,” and on macOS, “Microsoft Remote Desktop“. As of now, we will be continuing this tutorial based on a Windows PC:

search and open remote desktop application

2. To expand the configurable option, click on “Show Options“,

show options remote desktop application windows

3. Navigate to Local Resources.

w-local resources windows remote desktop application

4. Next, click on the Remote audio → Settings.

w-configure remote audio settings windows remote desktop application

5. Select the following options and click on OK:

  • Remote audio playback: Play on this computer.
  • Remote audio recording: Record from this computer.

w-allow remote microphone redirection on windows

6. Finally, to save the changes click on “OK”.

How to Enable Microphone and Sound on Remote Desktop

Server Side Configuration

After enabling the microphone and sound in the Remote Desktop Application, you need to install the Remote Desktop Services on the Windows server. To know how to install Remote Desktop Services, follow the below steps,

1. Connect to your remote windows server and open Server Manager.

search and open server manager windows

2. To install the new components, click on the Add roles & features.

server manager add server role windows

3. Before you begin, this is the step here you will learn about how this wizard will help you to install/remove the new features and roles Click on Next.

before begin server manager
Server selection, in this step, you need to select the server. If you’re in the working group, you might have a list of servers in the network.

server selection select server

5. Server roles, select “Remote Desktop Services Click on Next.

select remote services server manager windows

6. Confirmation, here you will get summary on installation components Click on Install.

confirmation screen to install remote desktop services

8. Congratulations! You have successfully installed Remote Desktop Services. To implement the changes properly, reboot the windows server.

how to install remote desktop services server manager windows

Still, if your microphone or a sound is not working, the last steps you could follow is below:

1. Login to your windows server and open “Edit Group Policy” (gpedit.exe).

open edit group policy windows

2. Next, navigate to Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Remote Desktop Services → Remote Desktop Session Host →  Device and Resource Redirection.

navigate to device redirection gpedit windows

3. Doubleclick on Allow audio recording redirection or rightclick on  Allow audio recording redirection and click on Edit.

edit allow remote audio redirection gpedit

4. Select Enabled → Click on OK to save the configuration.

enable audio redirection microphone windows gpedits

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