RackNerd takes infrastructure stability seriously and power uptime is just one component of that equation. In our data centers, power is received from multiple inlets that ensures in the event that one pathway becomes problematic, the secondary route still allows for clean power that will sustainably handle the load. When all else fails, RackNerd’s facilities are equipped with uninterruptible power supplies and back-up generators. If utility power is lost, your services are automatically shifted over to a series of actively tested and maintained uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) via automatic transfer switches (ATS). Upon this occurrence, generators, which are capacity-planned and routinely tested (with synthetic test loads) pick up the critical load and can be perpetually fueled by contracted suppliers. While this all occurs, your services remain online: never causing you an outage or the trouble that can occur when sensitive server hardware receives surges, intermittent power, or loss of power; a leading cause of data corruption and loss. Once power is stabilized and restored, the automatic transfer switchgear shifts services back to conditioned utility power. As an unconditional testament to infrastructure stability and your business, we provide a service level agreement that provides compensation in the highly unlikely event of a power-related incidence.

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