Cloud computing is the latest wave in IT infrastructure. It provides users with services that are scalable, accessible, and can be accessed on demand. What’s more, it is also cost-effective. However, as with any other trend in the tech world, cloud computing has its pros and cons. Public cloud vendors lock you into their own ecosystem and charge you an unpredictable hourly fee for using their services; there is no ownership of your data or software code. However, this doesn’t mean one cannot reap the benefits of cloud computing without being locked into a vendor’s ecosystem. In fact, there are many benefits to using an alternative cloud provider instead of the traditional public cloud options that we see today. Let’s explore why an alternative cloud provider might be right for your organization.

What is an Alternative Cloud Provider?

An alternative cloud provider is a company that offers cloud computing services that are not owned or operated by a public cloud provider like AWS, Azure, or GCP. Typically, alternative cloud providers offer the same level of service that is provided by the public cloud provider while also giving you full ownership of your data, access to your code, and providing an on-demand method of scaling your services. An example of an alternative cloud provider would be RackNerd. You can also benefit from significant cost savings by choosing to host with an alternative cloud provider like RackNerd.

Why an Alternative Cloud Provider like RackNerd Might be Right for You over AWS or Azure?

One of the main benefits of using RackNerd as an alternative cloud provider is that you have full ownership of your data and code. This can be very important in industries like healthcare, finance, and government where security, compliance, and privacy are critical to the organization’s core operations. RackNerd also offers competitive pricing compared to public cloud options and has user-friendly interfaces that allow you to easily manage your services. Another benefit with going with an alternative cloud provider like RackNerd is the personalized support, and the attention to detail in every interaction with us. You simply don’t get that with AWS.

Competitive Pricing and Easy-to-Use Interface

Another benefit of using an alternative cloud provider is that they provide competitive and predictable pricing. For example, RackNerd offers KVM VPS solutions as low as $22.99/Year (or if you head on over to our special promos page, right now you can get VPS for as little as $14.88/Year!). This can be especially important if you are using your cloud provider to host sensitive data where price fluctuations could be detrimental to your organization. You don’t have to worry about uncertain charges or hourly billing anymore! Additionally, if you choose RackNerd as your alternative cloud provider, we offer an easy-to-use interface, managing your cloud infrastructure can be relatively simple, even for those without extensive experience in the field. RackNerd also offers single-click functionality that allows you to quickly create servers, and reinstall your server at any time. This makes it easy for organizations to scale their infrastructure and add new services.

Personalized Customer Support

This is something you simply don’t get with a public cloud provider such as AWS or Azure. With personalized support, the team at your alternative cloud provider will gain an in-depth understanding of your organization and its needs. As a result, they will be able to provide you with the specific support that you need to ensure that your cloud computing operations are running as smoothly as possible. This can be particularly helpful if you are not yet comfortable managing your infrastructure – plus it doesn’t beat the peace of mind you get knowing you will always have answers whenever you need help. RackNerd’s support availability is 24×7, and our average support ticket response time to our customers is under 10 minutes!

Multiple Datacenter Locations

As the world of technology shifts toward more flexible, automated, and instantaneous cloud computing, businesses must be prepared to respond accordingly. One critical aspect of such an infrastructure is geographic diversity. Fortunately, companies that use RackNerd can rest assured that they have access to 20 datacenters across North America, Europe, and Asia – providing the ultimate coverage for your latency-sensitive applications.

Optimized Network

The optimized network is an equal playing field for all servers regardless of their location. This makes your website load faster and more reliable by connecting it to high-quality servers in the same data center. The network is designed for the best performance and compatibility with your websites and applications.

SSD Storage

With an alternative cloud provider such as RackNerd, you will get more benefits by using SSD Storage.

1). The most important benefit of SSD Storage is that it makes your websites loading speed lightning fast.

2). By deploying with an SSD based host, you will no longer have to deal with any I/O delay.

3). This is especially important if you are hosting databases, as databases can be read and write intensive. A SSD based host would be able to handle such workloads without any issues.


Cloud computing has become increasingly popular as a service provided by public cloud providers, like AWS, Azure, and GCP. However, public clouds come with their own set of disadvantages. An alternative cloud provider such as RackNerd, on the other hand, is a hybrid between a traditional managed service provider and a public cloud service provider. This can be an ideal solution for organizations that need the scalability and accessibility of public cloud services without the disadvantages. Plus, you can’t beat the peace of mind you get by receiving actual human support you can count on, as well as predictable and competitive pricing.

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