RackNerd is pleased to announce a new functionality we have released for all VPS customers, effective immediately!

New and future RackNerd customers will also have this feature included standard. 

RackNerd’s NEW FEATURE: You are now able to set rDNS (also known as PTR) records for your VPS IP addresses without needing to open a support ticket!

Step #1: Log into our VPS Control Panel. If you do not have this login information, you will find this within your welcome email.

Step #2: Once logged in, select “Manage” on your VPS.

Step #3: Click on the tab which reads “Network“.

Step #4: Next to the IP address you want to edit the rDNS record for, click on “[Edit]

Step #5: Enter your desired rDNS entry, and ensure you have a valid A record for it before clicking on “Update”. After updating, please allow up to 24-72 hours for global DNS propagation.

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